Women Reveal Which Bedroom Position They Hate the Most

All women are created differently, which means, when it comes to sex, we all like different things. For instance, I like to be on top because it helps me reach my “destination.” But the next woman may like it from the back, or from the side.

A Reddit user posed the question, “Are there any (relatively normal/common) positions or sex acts you really dont like and prefer not to do? Which ones and why?” A group of women gathered in the forum to dish on the sex positions they hate the most. From 69 to reverse cowgirl, I’m sure you can relate.


I don’t get much out of missionary. But we often start that way, just for the warmup. I do however like when we start standard missionary but then my SO moves one of his legs so that it’s between mine – then the top of his penis and his mound rubs more against my clit and that definitely works for me… (skeetergal)

On Top (aka Cowgirl)

Personally, I rarely get any enjoyment out of being on top. Luckily my current partner isn’t a huge fan either (he’d much rather f*ck me from behind, or missionary with my legs pinned on his shoulders, which are my two favorites as well). I’m really lucky with my current situation, but in the past, if the guy pulls me on top, I usually give an honest 5 minutes, then switch to reverse cowgirl (a little more pleasurable for me) for a while, and then pull him up so I’m back on all fours. It’s not that being on top is too much of an effort, I just get off on being dominated. (lyssmpls)

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is weird to me. Sometimes it really hurts, other times it’s fine, but it takes so long for me to get the positioning just right that I feel so awkward and unsexy. My boyfriend adores it, though, so I occasionally do it anyway. [deleted]


It’s terrible for PIV and anal to both myself and my SO- can’t get in as deep and it just seems sloppy, not intimate (because lack of eye contact), and it’s much harder to get a decent rhythm for us. (nymphetamine-x-girl)

Doggy Style

I don’t like doggy style. The position is painful for me. I have tried it different times and with different men. But it always hurts me. I have only ever had one partner that didn’t care and would push me to keep trying. My current partner is very considerate of how I feel and it is important that I enjoy sex as much as he does. I find that being honest is always the best approach. If a position is suggested that you don’t like tell your partner that you don’t like it, why and suggest something else. (Sarima)


I’ve done it a whole bunch and I think it’s uncomfortable, inefficient and overrated. Just getting asked to do 69 is an instant mood killer for me and if a guy keeps insisting on it I’ll stop sleeping with him altogether. That’s how big a turn off 69 is for me. I’d much rather have myself or my partner lie back and relax to receive oral. If 69 was a person I’d throw rotten tomatoes at it.

I’ve found that most of the guys I’ve encountered who insist on doing 69 are the ones who are sexually inexperienced and think that porn is what actual sex is like. It’s frustrating.

Actually the worst part is getting into the 69 position, having your head between the dude’s legs and getting a big whiff of ass stank. Some guys are great about maintaining a good level of cleanliness everywhere but between their buttcheeks. It amazes me and I don’t understand it. Is it that difficult to wash your ass crack? Thankfully my current partner is incredibly clean so I don’t have to worry about odor or debris when I pop down there to rim or play with his prostate.(sadcrocodile)

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