How to Make Your Man Better at Going Down on You

Ladies, if you love oral sex, raise your hands. I’m sure a ton of hands went up. I mean, who doesn’t? In most cases, the only way a woman doesn’t love oral is if she’s not getting it done properly. Hell, that would make all of us hate it.

The worst thing ever is bad oral. If you wish that oral sex could be just a liiitle bit better, and are having trouble showing your lover how to do you properly, there are many tips to give your man if they aren’t doing it right. Here are some.


If you love getting head from your guy and it’s not up to par, don’t be shy to tell him. Remember, they’re down there to please you. Help him help you feel good. Be upfront and very specific about what you like and don’t like.

Warm Up

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Foreplay is the warm up before the big hoorah. Before he heads down south, warm his tongue up. Deep kissing and licking will definitely do the job and get his tongue ready for the real action.

Take It Easy

One thing guys do wrong is dive straight in. Encourage him to start off slowly before going crazy. Let him know that he has to build up the suspense. Have him kiss you through your panties or tease you with his tongue until you’re begging for it.

Work It

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Just because you’re on your back doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from motion. While he’s going to town, move your body. Grab his head as you roll, grind, or hump his mouth. With that control, you can guide him to the right places. This will make the both of you hornier and wanting more.

Use Fingers

Adding fingers to the equation always gets the job done. If you want him to hit your G-spot, make sure he does the “come hither” motion with his finger.

Free His Hands

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While he’s down there, let his hands roam your body, or better yet, guide them where you want them to go. Whether it’s grabbing your neck, rubbing your breasts, stimulating your nipples, let him do it all.

Grab Your Pillow

I’m not talking about clenching it. I’m talking about placing it under your butt to prop your vagina up into his mouth. And if you like his fingers inside of you while he’s down there, this will give him better access to your G-spot.

Add Toys

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Just like fingers, toys can be great assistance when getting head. Vibes or clitoral stimulators can work. To make it hot, place a clitoral stimulator on your clitoris while he’s licking low.