Channeling Anastasia: The Best Sexy Moves From ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ to Lay on Your Man

In 2011, bedrooms got interesting after women everywhere were introduced to a whole new way of sex. The Fifty Shades trilogy is like our bible when it comes to getting naughtier and exploring the world of BDSM. Now that Darker is out in theaters, we all have gotten full-on visuals and we now know what it looks like when when Christian binds Anastasia’s wrists and hands behind her back before giving her a good spanking.

You may not want to admit it, but I’m sure you’ve been taking notes. Don’t feel ashamed, we all have. If you want to test out new sex moves, here are the sexiest ones from Darker that you should introduce to your lover. Grab your man, nipple clamps and restraints, and channel your inner Anastasia Steele.

Scream for Ice Cream

Two sexy red scoopd of ice cream
CREDIT: Credit: unpict/Shutterstock

Think whipped cream scene on American Pie. But instead of using whipped cream, have your man grab a scoop of ice cream and let it dribble onto your breasts. Then, he takes the back of the spoon and spreads the ice cream all over your breasts. Can you guess what’s next? He takes his hot mouth and licks it all off. Yes, he does.

Balls to the Wall

Ben Wa balls
CREDIT: Credit: ptashka/Shuttertock

Ben Wa balls are the jam. Not only are they great for strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle) but they are also fun to play with. As you bend over, let your guy place the balls inside of your vagina one-by-one. If you’re new to this, allow him to get you ready by using his finger first.

Get Spanked

Woman bent over on bed with whip on butt
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You don’t have to be a bad girl to get a spanking, but being bad may not be a bad idea. The badder, the better. The good thing about spanking is that there are no limits to what can be used to tap that ass. Whether it’s your lover’s hand, a paddle, or even a spatula, bend over and show them you need a spanking because you’ve been a very bad girl.

Go Harder
To make spanking more intense, place your arms behind your back like you’re under arrest. Have your partner bind your wrists with handcuffs, rope, or a silk tie. As the spankings get harder, you’ll feel every inch without being able to move an inch.

Spread’er Wide

Women in panties and spreader bar
CREDIT: Flickr/dpade1337

This move is for those who are into bondage; And it requires a spreader bar or ankle restraints. Bend over and let him have his way with you from behind. Or lay on your back and take him from the front. Things will get fun as you’re unable to close your legs. Make moving über limited by adding wrist restraints to the equation.