Foreplay Is Pretty Much the Same as Getting It on… Here’s Why You Should Treat It as Such

Let’s just cut to the chase: Foreplay is needed. It’s what helps get you revved up and in the mood. Think about it: A baseball player wouldn’t step up to bat without warming up first, right? Riiiiight. So, foreplay should never be optional. Plus, it isn’t just a means to an end. Foreplay is just as important as sex. Actually, it can be the same as sex—maybe even better. According to Planned Parenthood, 80% of women have had issues with orgasming through penetrative intercourse. With that being said, foreplay can very well take the place of vaginal intercourse.

A women’s most sensitive areas are well outside of her vagina. Meet the clitoris: the sex organ that is jam-packed with an abundance of nerve endings; It is the woman’s most sensitive erogenous zone. Other erogenous zones can include her ears, mouth, neck, breasts (including nipples), inner thighs, butt, perineum, and anus. A man’s e-zone is pretty much the same. There’s so much more to getting your partner off by heading straight to their private area. Take the time to explore their body—all zones.

In a video explaining the importance of foreplay, Sexology teacher, Dr. Lindsey Doe, DHS, says that “Foreplay doesn’t have to build up to something more important.” Hear more of what she has to say: