We Decided Which “Cosmo Positions” Were Good So You Don’t Have To

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while some couples claim they celebrate it everyday, we know that some of you still deem this holiday a special one. Since V-Day is for the lovers, I came up with a little poem:

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
on this Valentine’s day
if you wanna screw,
here are different sex positions for you!

Thanks to Cosmopolitan’s sex guide, there’s something for everyone. Check them out:


The Standing Slide

If you want to get to the big O without actual penetration, try this one on for size: While standing, turn away from your partner so that he’s facing your back. Bend forward while holding on to something sturdy. After your man is lubed up, let him slide his member between your thighs. As he thrusts back and forth, position yourself on an angle so that his penis is rubbing against your clit.

For the Lesbians

Tantric Tête-À-Tête

Two women hugging, kissing
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You and your partner should face each other, sitting with your legs spread on top of hers (or the other way around). Fondle each others breasts and begin pleasure each other with your fingers. For extra pleasure, take turns using a vibrator on your clitorises.

For the Blow Jobs

The Stick Shift

TSS isn’t your ordinary blow job move. Climb on top of your man and slide down on him. After a few thrusts, slide off of him and go down for a mouthful. Things will get nasty, so note that this will only work if you don’t mind the taste of yourself. Alternate between riding him and sucking him. This will drive him cray!

If His Junk Is Too Small

Woman bending over, clenching sheets
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The Lapping Dog

This is pretty much doggy-style with a twist. Get on all fours and let him slide in from behind. After a few hard thrusts, have him pull out and go down on you from behind. A few of these combinations and you’re sure to get where you’re trying to go.

If His Junk Is Too Big

Couple in bed having sex
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The Thigh-High Straddle

Have him sit on the bed with his legs crossed and straddle him. Slide onto him. Control your thrusts by using his thighs as support for your butt so he doesn’t go in too deep. Slowly rock back and forth as you deeply kiss him. Make things steamier by using your free hand to play with yourself.

Venturing Outside the Bedroom

Couple having sex in shower
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In The Shower

Make sure both of your feet are planted on a non-slippery surface. That may sound like it’s hard to do, but it can work in the shower. Purchase a mat if you need to. In the shower, bend over at the waist and spread your legs while holding onto something sturdy (shower knobs, in-shower handles, etc). Allow him to place his hands on your hips and enter from behind. While you’re using the handles for balance, he’s doing the same using your hips.


Double Trouble

Who said that just because you’re getting it in the back door that you can’t have pleasure in the front? The Double Trouble allows you to receive penetration in both the back and the front. Normally that requires two penises, but it can go down with one. Have your man lay on the bed. Get into the reverse cowgirl position and take him in the butt. While he’s inside of you, insert your favorite vibe in the front while rocking/bouncing up and down. All is well.

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3