11 Movies to Watch to Forget That It’s Valentine’s Day

It can be hard to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but luckily we have movies streaming online to get us to the other side of it unscathed. Whether you’re newly single, eternally single, fighting with bae, or have given up on love for good, here are some (actually really good) movies to watch tomorrow to help you through whatever you’re experiencing this Valentine’s Day and why they might help!

Breakup Movies

(For when you need to get over someone and feel some feels)

(500) Days of Summer (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

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I know that this might seem like a weird addition since it’s so romantically focused, but let’s be real, this movie isn’t about love.  (500) Days of Summer is about the idealization of love and how stupid dating is. Watch this to feel better about the fact that you’re single, rather than dating someone who is so obviously wrong for you.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes, Crackle)

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Another counter-intuitive addition—like, it will make you cry, probably—but, like the above, it’s about how every bad romance we have in our pasts are important in their own right.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes, HBO Go)

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Another relationship movie, yes, but it’s about the insane things we all find ourselves doing after being dumped. If sad Jason Segal can make it through his breakup and find Mila Kunis on the other side, you can make it through Valentine’s alone, girl. You can.


Light, Comedic Escapes

(For when you just need a few laughs more than anything else)

Superbad (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes, Netflix)

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Superbad was a goddamn classic and no one can deny that. It was flawless and hilarious and sometimes when you don’t want to think about love, you need to think about watching Micheal Cera and Jonah Hill try their hardest to get laid. It’s that simple.


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Also, remember the first time we met McLovin? Ahh, things were simple then.



Mean Girls (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

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It’s not a radical suggestion, but it is a good one. Who doesn’t love Mean Girls? The answer is “no one I want to know.” Go back to your high school days with Tina Fey, LiLo, and the rest of the Plastics. It’s sure to make you feel better.


Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

Here’s a movie that celebrates the kind of love that really matters—the love between lady friends. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a good female buddy-comedy that’s so light on the romance. Not to mention that if you’re having some serious late-90s fashion withdrawal, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is sure to help.


I Love Bad B*tches, That’s My F*ckin’ Problem 

(For when you need to be reminded that all you need is you)


Mad Max: Fury Road (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

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Mad Max: Fury Road is a perfect, escapist choice. It’s a movie about badass women that also happens to be basically 100% devoid of romantic plots. There’s that weird thing with Nux and Capable, but it barely counts. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than watching Charlize Theron kick ass and take names with Tom Hardy platonically by her side? Nothing. That’s what.


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Also, watch it so this guy eats his damn words. This movie is a masterpiece.


The Love Witch (Amazon, Youtube, iTunes)


This is one that you’ve probably never seen before because it’s not in wide release online or in theaters, but it’s weird and amazing. Even though it’s ostensibly about “love,” it’s about so much more than that. Seriously, you can watch it for $4 on Youtube or Amazon. Give it a try.


Inglorious Basterds (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

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This isn’t just badass women, it’s badass everyone. Though, Shoshana’s plan at the end is one of the dopest things I’ve seen a woman do on screen ever. So, I think it works for empowered women in addition to being an incredible film.


#Can’tDeal Movies

(For when you need to think about anything else at all)


Room (Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes) 

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Okay, so this one will make you feel a lot, but you won’t be feeling anything about love or relationships. It’s incredibly written and executed. You will cry for sure, but it won’t be about your love life.

Dear Zachary (Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes)

This downright devastating documentary is dedicated to Zachary, the unborn son of a murdered man. The filmmaker (a childhood friend of the victim) wanted the young boy to be able to learn about his father, so he made this movie as a memorial. It has everything to take your mind off of things if you #can’tdeal. Grab some tissues and get wrapped up in this twisted, devastating tale.