4 Things a Woman Should NEVER Put in Her V

Ladies, when it comes to your vagina, you gotta treat it like you would your favorite designer handbag. I mean, it is the most important part on your body. You may think flavored lube and whipped cream enhances sexy time, but honestly, it only abuses your lady part.

Food and other non-vaginal-only objects can cause you a lot of pain, irritation, and infection. To make sure your girl stays as healthy as it should, here are some things you should never put near it.

1. Food

…of any kind. If you’re not into yeast infections and such, keep it far away from your box. Even the sexy foods like strawberries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream—especially those three.

2. Household Objects

I know, I know. I recently said that there are a few household objects to make you orgasm, but this is different. While it’s OK to use electric tools (i.e. toothbrushes, shavers) as clitoral stimulators, you should never shove them inside of you; It could really do damage.

Things that aren’t designed for your vagina shouldn’t be used for sexual pleasure; That’s why sex toys were created. If you don’t want to wind up with an infection, a UTI, or rushed to the hospital, go to your nearest adult store and buy your new BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

3. Toys Used in Anal Play

Listen closely. Whenever you put an intimate object in your rear, it should never go into your vagina right after. This goes for penises and mouths, too. You should never, I repeat never, ever go from vag to ass. It’s super unsanitary.

Most toys are made of plastic, silicone, and rubber which means that fecal matter can get stuck to it. Stick to stainless steel objects, but even with those, you should disinfect them in boiling water.

4. Flavored Lube

The only time flavored lube is great is when it’s applied to your man’s penis to enhance the taste of giving him a blow job. He can return the favor and drizzle your favorite flavor on you—just make sure he puts it anywhere put down there.

Flavored lube should go nowhere near your vag. It contains sugar which can cause an overgrowth of yeast. Your vagina can also become über irritated and itch like crazy. If your guy has leftover flavored lube on his peen, wash it off before having sex. The only lubes you should put inside of you are oil, water and silicone-based.

To sum it all up: If it’s not a penis, sex toy, or anything vaginal-only, do not use it.