Queen Gaga Responds to the Super Bowl Body Shamers

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen countless photos, videos, memes, and gifs from Lady Gaga’s flawless halftime performance at Super Bowl LI. Basically the entire world was left speechless by it all.  Like, most of the reactions on Twitter looked like this:


or this:



So… Yeah. A lot of people absolutely loved it and honestly we’re all still recovering from it.

But then, there was a second group of people. They liked it less and for a really dumb reason. No, it’s not the #MAGA folks boycotting the halftime show because Gaga is a “liberal stooge” or whatever (though, they also had some choice words for the singer). There were a whole bunch of people who decided that the fact that Gaga doesn’t have a six-pack was personally offensive to them.


This is, of course, ridiculous because 1) she is an absolute rockstar who literally spent 10 minutes in an aerial rig while singing, 2) her body is approximately 0% your business, Nathan/Bryan/NASCAR Guy, and 3) she looked absolutely incredible. I mean, body shaming isn’t okay no matter what someone looks like, but come on. Gaga looked like a GD magazine cover. Sorry that you have to find out this way, but most human beings have parts that fold a little bit when they’re… I don’t know, dancing, flying, singing, moving, or just living?

Gaga’s loyal following jumped to her defense and valiantly fought back the haters and shamers for days, but the Lady herself has finally spoken. Naturally, it was eloquent, empowering, supportive, and wonderful. I mean, she is Gaga, after all.

There you have it. Gaga has spoken and she could not give fewer f***s about people’s opinions of her body. Let’s put the shaming to rest and just appreciate the fact that literally no one on Earth can put on a show like Gaga?