Here’s How Hollywood Views Women

Last year there was a fairly amazing Twitter account being shared regularly. Run by Ross Putnam, a screenwriter, @femscriptintros garnered quite a bit of buzz for posting the short intros awarded female characters in major Hollywood films.

Yeah, so that was fun. That’s what women get when the films are actually being made, but what about casting calls? Enter @ProResting. She’s an actress who posts images of job offers she finds and it turns out that the casting part of the process might actually be worse.

Read and feel the anger wash over you.

I would go into a long winded explanation about the toxic objectification of women on film, but honestly, I don’t think any of these casting calls are trying to hide it. They pretty much speak for themselves.

This is why we need more female writers. This is why we need more female directors. This is why we need more female producers.

This is why. We can do better, people.

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