5 Ways to the Big O Using Everyday Household Objects

Ladies, if you thought your partner, a sex toy, or even your hand were the only ways to bring you to ecstasy, you are dead wrong. I’m from the old school where people would hump pillows and edges of sofas to get their roll on. And while much hasn’t changed,  you can hump way more than a pillow to reach pure bliss. The only difference is, your man doesn’t have to miss out on it. Here’s how:

1. Electric Tools

I’m talking electric toothbrushes, facial cleansing machines — anything with a vibration. It may sound unsanitary, but as long as you’re not using the end of the toothbrush that actually goes into your mouth, or anything like that, it’s all to the good. These devices can be used as vibrators. Vibrators are great assistance when getting it on with your man. While he’s inside of you, place the electric tool on your clitoris for an amazing vibration. If you’re using it in the bathroom, make sure to stay far away from water as possible.

2. The Spin Cycle

blurred washer and dryer
CREDIT: Brandon Bourdages/Shutterstock

We’ve all heard women make jokes about sitting on top of washing machines to get a little feel. But it actually works. Lie face down on your washer or dryer, with your man behind you, of course, and let the vibration do its job. The dryer’s warmth will add the ultimate sensation, while the washer’s spin cycle just might make you go insane.

3. DIY Sexiness

woman in black lingerie laying in bed with hands tied behind her back
CREDIT: Kartinkin77/Shutterstock

There’s nothing sexier than tying your partner down or placing clamps on their nipples to take the spice to a whole, new level. Take advantage of those silk ties your man loves to wear to business meetings and tie them around wrists, ankles, or even cover eyes. Take those chip bag clips and turn them into nipple clamps. You can also use spatulas, wooden spoons, and other kitchenware to assist in your BDSMism.

4. Exercise Equipment

Got any yoga balls? Have your partner sit on the ball with his feet firmly planted on the floor. Straddle him, making sure you both are steady. Then, get to bouncing! Just make sure to hold and not fall off.

5. Digital Communication

webcam striptease
CREDIT: jwblinn/Shutterstock

We’re in the digital age, so mostly everyone has a smartphone or a laptop. When you and your partner are both at home, go into separate rooms and FaceTime or Skype each other. Prop the phone against a flat surface and put on a show. Touch yourself, teasing him enough to drive him wild. Wait until you both can’t handle staying away any longer, then come together for the orgasm of your lives.