Missy Elliott’s visuals for “I’m Better” will remind you why Missy is iconic

Missy Elliott crept in at the midnight hour with her new bop “I’m Better” featuring Lamb. It wouldn’t be Missy if she didn’t drop a mesmerizing futuristic video to capture the bossiness of lyrics like: “Missy got dudes in Orlando/Plus I got cars that he paying for/Man I be too much to handle/Watch what I do, when I get up on you/Pop potential in my room and zoom in the poom/He watching my body like he watching Scandal.

The last time we got to experience Missy’s visionary in the form of an official video was 2015’s “WTF (Where They From)” with her longtime friend Pharrell. Missy is known for being decades ahead of whatever era we’re currently in. Look no further than videos for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly” and “Get Ur Freak On” and “Sock It 2 Me.” Her first offering in 2017 doesn’t disappoint.

There’s choreography while dancers are attached to rope. Colorful lights. Platinum wigs. Missy with the most bomb black lipstick. Water. Choreography that looks like it’s being done underwater. Choreo on an exercise ball underwater. It’s perfect.

After you watch the Dave Meyers and Missy Elliott directed video once, next thing you know you’re three viewings in without realizing it. That’s how addicting it is. Choreographer Sean Bankhead who choreographed the video along with Missy deserves a standing ovation. The visuals are amazing, but the video really shines because of the dancing.

We never deserved Missy. Ever. First Lady Michelle Obama respects Missy’s genius. What other artist is the FLOTUS singing along to word for word in the car? Missy is still out here making music videos lightyears ahead of everybody else. And we’re here for it.