Madeleine Albright beautifully bashed Trump’s proposed refugee ban

After a draft of President Trump’s executive order that would temporarily ban refugees and suspend visas for people from seven Middle Eastern and African countries got out, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright felt she needed to speak out against the “cruel” measure. Albright bashed Trump’s immigration policy in a lengthy Facebook post Thursday, reminding everyone that she was a refugee herself, his plan would harm America’s security interests, and there is literally no evidence refugees pose any threat to Americans.

As a refugee myself who fled the communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, I personally benefited from this country’s generosity and its tradition of openness,” she wrote. “This order would end that tradition, and discriminate against those fleeing a brutal civil war in Syria. It does not represent who we are as a country.”

She went on to explain that the unrest in the Middle East poses “an extraordinary threat” to the stability of the entire region, as well as Europe, and one way to help alleviate the problem is to let vetted refugees into America. She also said this executive order would help ISIS spread the belief that the West is the enemy. “I have no doubt they will use this order as propaganda to support that claim,” the former secretary of state wrote.

Because of her former role, it’s safe to say Albright knows what she’s talking about, and she believes there’s a much better way to go about this. Her Facebook post said:

“The truth is that America can simultaneously protect the security of our borders and our citizens and maintain our country’s long tradition of welcoming those who have nowhere else to turn. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, they are the obligation of a country built by immigrants.”

She ended the post with #RefugeesWelcome, saying:

“When I came here as a child, I will never forget sailing into New York Harbor for the first time and seeing the Statue of Liberty. It proclaims ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ There is no fine print on the Statue of Liberty, and today she is weeping because of the actions of President Trump.”

Damn. That’s a pretty sick burn from a 79 year old. Hopefully Trump gives her post a read.