Here’s the films and shows coming and leaving Netflix in February

A new month is on the horizon, which means Netflix is about to hit us with that new, new. But it’s also getting rid of some classics that you should probably watch before pulled. February, most known for Valentine’s Day, is also the time of year Netflix edits its titles. And if you’re going to sit around sad about not having a Valentine’s (come on, girls; you’re better than this!) then at least you have some good binges to keep you semi-occupied.

Don’t walk but run to watch the 90s classic Clueless before it leaves Netflix on Feb. 28. If you’re like me you have it on VHS, but who wants to crank up their VCR — do people still have those? — when they can just click on a button and Cher (Alicia Silverstone) appears in a plaid tennis skirt. Justin Bieber’s Believe is leaving on Feb. 7th for all the secret Bieber stans. Mission Impossible: III, Star Trek: Nemesis, Save the Last Dance and Frida are out of there on Feb. 1st. We highly recommend Save the Last Dance to see Kerry Washington’s humble beginnings and Frida because it’s Salma Hayek playing thee Frida Kahlo.

The gods of film and television don’t take anything away without replacing it with something better. That’s like an ancient proverb about life or whatever, but it works just as good for Netflix.

My favorite movie of all time — The Five Heartbeats — is coming on Feb. 1! If you don’t think The Five Heartbeats is > The Temptations we just can’t be friends. And if you missed the incredible American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson it hits Netflix on Feb. 2. Season two of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be available right before Valentine’s Day for all the broken hearted crazy girls.

For the full list of shows leaving and coming to Netflix visit The Shadow and Act. May you stop to eat and drink and have sex in between your binge-watching!