Stacey Dash hated black people and Fox News still fired her

Once upon a time Stacey Dash almost ruined Clueless for me. It was about four years ago when she started her “I’m not like those black people” campaign to appeal to white supremacy. The Clueless star truly started living up to the movie’s title with her bikini tweets in support of Mitt Romney, defending Paula Deen and even speaking ill of Trayvon Martin. As far as the black community is concerned, she’s been cancelled. But she was a perfect puppet for Fox News who hired the actress in May 2014.

Tap dancing on camera didn’t produce the longevity she probably imagined. On Sunday, Fox announced Dash’s contract was not renewed. Oh, Stace. You now have a thing in common with Craig from Friday. You were fired on your day off. How you get fired on your day off? Perhaps Tyler Perry will cast her in a new fictitious show For Colored Girls Who Embraced White Supremacy for A Check and It Still Wasn’t Enuf.

Dash hasn’t been on air since September so perhaps the writings were on the wall. Fox News had suspended her once before for cursing on air when opining that Obama “didn’t give a shit” about terrorism. She faced quite a bit of backlash regarding her transphobic rant on Caitlyn Jenner. While Fox News ate up her internalized self-hatred as it relates to black people (Dash thinks Black History Month should cease to exist), in a post-Obama era who needs the black girl who hates black people? Apparently not even Fox.

Now see, black people are a forgiving people. Folks were ready for a Chris Brown redemption story post 2008. And R. Kelly still sells out shows (yuck!) sadly. But Dash ain’t a black man and she doesn’t dance or sing. She is still exiled from the cookout. Too bad because auntie Maxine Waters’ potato salad is probably gonna be hittin’ this summer.

It never pays to upset black folks when we were the first supporters and we are the tastemakers/trendsetters. White folks didn’t even care about her in Clueless — they had Alicia Silverstone — so why she thought cozying up to the racists as going to be fruitful in the longrun, only she knows. Like all of her half-baked opinions, she clearly didn’t think this through.

And if she thinks Hollywood will welcome her with open arms like they have past offenders like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Woody Allen, she’s in for a rude awakening. Black women don’t get second chances.

Don’t fret, Stace. I’m sure your rolodex of new executive pals are good for something. Trump may even have a spot for you in his administration. I mean, you’re just as unqualified as anyone else he’s chosen. You’ll land on your feet, toots. Maybe in your next role you won’t have to coon to be relevant. On second thought, it’s the only discernible skill you have.