#ThankYouObamas is the only thing that matters today

Profound words for the occasion escape me. The thing that keeps popping up in my head is Jeezy. For the past eight years it has filled me with such pride to be able to say, “My president is black.” Today, that statement is no more.

Black people lived to see a black president married to a dark skinned woman (hey, Michelle!) with two black daughters with black names (what up, Sasha and Malia?). It was impossible. An 106-year-old black woman couldn’t believe her eyes when president Barack Obama was there in the flesh with his black wife. But as much as he was our own — good and bad — he was everybody’s. White, gay, straight, Latino, poor, rich and everything in between claimed him for themselves. Because he made folks proud to have such style and grace and intelligence and compassion running this country.

The event that’s taking place in D.C. today doesn’t deserve acknowledgment. It’s the Obamas Day as far as anyone who matters is concerned. It’s why #TheObamas and #ThankYouObamas are the number three and four trending topics on Twitter respectively. All of us are saying goodbye to a presidency that was deemed impossible, a man who served all people. His absence, even with his imperfections, will be a tough pill to swallow. Celebrities feel us on this one and have tweeted and Instagrammed their thank yous.


man it's been cool I am thankful to get to sleep in the same city as you on your last night sweet dreams thanks guys forever

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You could peruse most celebrities’ social media accounts today and likely find an ode to the Obamas. Boyz II Men was right. It really is so hard to say goodbye.