Naturally, Michelle Obama won Inauguration Day with the best facial expression

As you probably know, Michelle Obama wins at all things. Forever. So, when Barack and she stood next to Donald and Melania Trump to symbolize passing the power from the 44th president to the 45th, Melania handed Michelle a blue Tiffany & Co. box (with god knows what inside) and Michelle’s face instantly became the best meme of the day.

While we’re really curious what Melania would possibly give the perfect first lady whose shoes she now has to attempt to fill, the contents were overshadowed by Michelle’s amazing reaction. The jokes about Melania giving back Michelle her stolen speech basically wrote themselves, because people really needed to laugh Friday in order to stay sane and not just dissolve into a melted puddle of misery.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Michelle somehow found a way to sum up exactly how we all felt on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration and made us feel a little bit better on a day we all want to hide under a blanket and cry. She is the best FLOTUS this country has ever seen, and will continue to do far more good for America than Melania ever could.

Long live Michelle and long live this face.

Miss you already.