Serena Williams will make you apologize if you throw shade at her game

On Thursday, Serena Williams beat Lucie Safarova at the Australian Open 6-3 and 6-4. Despite her win, some idiot at a press conference afterwards thought it was a good idea to insult the tennis goddess and question her game, saying she had a “scrappy performance” and “a few more unforced errors, a few double faults.” However, they quickly learned that when Serena Williams asks for an apology, you better fucking give her one.

After the incredibly insulting observation about her game, Williams told the reporter, “I think that’s a very negative thing to say. Are you serious?” The imbecile responded, “Just my observation,” to which the sports star said, “Well, you should have been out there. That wasn’t very kind. You should apologize. Do you want to apologize.” Obviously not standing a chance up against Williams, they said, “I do. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you very much,” Serena said. “That was a great performance. I played well. [Safarova’s] a former top-10 player. The last time we played together was in the finals of a Grand Slam.” She continued to school the asshole, saying, “You know, it’s not an easy match. She’s a really good player. You have to go for more, which obviously makes for a few more errors.”

So, STFU dude.

Williams doesn’t take shit from anyone, much less clueless reporters. When another asinine journalist asked her about being “one of the greatest female athletes of all time,” she hit back saying, “I prefer the word ‘one of the greatest athletes of all time.'”

When are people going to learn? It’s pretty simple, really — don’t question or downplay the skills of one of the best athletes the world has ever seen. She’s amazing, and she knows it. She will not hesitate to put you in your place. End of story.