Everyone needs to hear Samantha Bee bash Trump’s treasury secretary pick

It’s already abundantly clear that Donald Trump ran his campaign on a mountain of lies, one of which was that he planned to “drain the swamp” and rid Washington of corrupt people working for their own best interests. Of course, considering Trump is one of those corrupt politicians working for his own best interests, he’s not actually doing that. Seeing right through his game, Samantha Bee bashed Trump’s treasury secretary nominee, Steve Mnuchin, to remind everyone exactly how much bullshit Trump was talking about draining the swamp.

After showing a montage of Trump clearly saying he wanted to get rid of Goldman Sachs execs in Washington, Bee pointed out that he went on to nominate a whopping five people to his cabinet from that exact bank. “As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your friends that you called your enemies when you were saying any fucking thing to get elected closer,” Bee quipped Wednesday night. “The Joey Fatone of Trump’s Goldman boy band is hedge fund manager and John Oliver’s evil twin, Steve Mnuchin, whose Senate confirmation hearing is tomorrow.”

Mnuchin was so sure he already had the job, though, that he updated his job title in the Yale alumni directory, Bee pointed out. “So, what the heck,” Bee said. “Let’s learn a little about his post-Goldman career.”

After working on Wall Street, Mnuchin started investing in Hollywood films like Suicide Squad, but more importantly, he turned the financial recession of 2008 into a “crash-ortunity,” as Bee called it. He was given the fond nickname “Foreclosure King” after he left Goldman Sachs, bought a bank, renamed it, and foreclosed on thousands of people’s homes. His new bank specialized in reverse mortgages, “a financial product targeted at people old enough to have masturbated to The Rockford Files.”

Mnuchin’s bank foreclosed on homes with reverse mortgages as quickly as possible, called “widow foreclosures” for taking away widows’ houses within days of their husbands dying. His bank also allegedly tricked customers into defaulting by telling them they needed to be late on payments in order to qualify for loan modification, and then foreclosing the minute someone was late.

Basically, Mnuchin is a real stand up guy.