Jimmy Kimmel proves people still don’t know that Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act

The Republicans are having a “fuck yo’ couch” moment right now with the Affordable Care Act. How Rick James felt about Eddie Murphy’s couch, as told by Charlie Murphy in one of the best skits from Chappelle’s Show, is how the GOP feels about Americans having access to healthcare.

Well, Jimmy Kimmel is out to prove (again!) that Americans are stupid. People still don’t know that Obamacare is the ACA.

When open enrollment for the ACA opened in 2013 Kimmel hit the streets to find out if people liked Obamacare or ACA better. People (mostly white) answered earnestly with no earthly clue that it is the same thing. As the Republicans begin the process to repeal ACA, Kimmel’s crew hit Hollywood Blvd. to see if people are more informed than they were three years ago. If this viral Facebook post of a man celebrating the repeal only to find out he has ACA is an indicator of what’s to come, you should be very worried. Let’s take a look at some of the responses.

“I’m not the biggest fan of Obama so I don’t support him and the Obama things he’s got going on.”

“I guess Affordable Care Act. I’m not really sure. My girlfriend supports Trump so I go with whatever she says.”

“One is you pay, the other is Obama pays for you,” a moron responded when asked the difference between the two.

Obviously the video is edited out of slews of interviews they conducted to get the best made for TV responses. But watching these makes it quite understandable how we ended up with a Twitter fingers Cheeto looking dude as president-elect.

A lot of the people in the video voted proudly. We are all doomed. Because three years later people still don’t know that Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act.