People want Obama to step down a day early so Joe Biden can be president for 24 hours

Donald Trump will be president very, very soon, and the people completely terrified of what he’ll do to the country and every marginalized group of people are making last ditch efforts for the country to get out of it. Or at least to fuck with Trump as much as possible, which provides some comic relief. Which is why a genius suggested President Obama step down a day early to make Joe Biden the 45th president of the United States for 24 hours.

Some people want this to happen to give good ole Biden the chance to be president for a day, but others simply want to ruin all of Trump’s “45th president” merchandise already made and ready for Inauguration Day, and I respect that level of petty vengeance. There’s already “45th president” merch in Trump’s online store, including a red trucker hat with “USA,” “Trump,” and “45” embroidered on it for the low, low price of $40 and tons of T-shirts and hoodies with “45” in huge block numbers. Imagine if all those had to be trashed because he was actually the 46th president. Of course, it would be best if he just never became president at all, but it’s a little late for that now I suppose.

Andy Levy actually had the brilliant idea back in October, wanting to give Biden one day in the Oval Office since it’s pretty certain he won’t run on his own at this point. But now there are even more reasons for Obama to consider this bold move. It would really kill two birds with one stone — make Biden a former president and massively disrupt all of Trump’s inauguration and merchandise plans.

Watching the fallout would be so entertaining, because you know Trump would go completely insane. Oh the Twitter rants we would see that day — it would be pure gold. There wouldn’t even be time to manufacture new “46th president” merch before Friday, so everyone would have to take a Sharpie and change all the 5s to 6s on the thousands of hats, T-shirts, banners, and signs. Maybe Trump would be so pissed he would postpone the inauguration and we would have a few extra blissful days without him in office. He’s pretty unpredictable, so there’s no telling what would happen.

But it would be a great sight to watch unfold, for sure.

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