Happy Birthday to the best FLOTUS this country has ever seen

The world didn’t deserve Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, but we sure did need her. On this day in 1964 a woman who would go on to make history was born. Southside Chicago’s finest. At 53 she hasn’t even reached her peak glo’ up. It’s the birthday of an icon. Bow down.

No other FLOTUS in history has rapped the words to Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” with Missy Elliott. And knew every word. Her coolness is effortless. Remember the time she dunked on Ray Allen? When will your fave ever. And there was that time she went shopping at CVS with Ellen. Only someone as poised and real could make Ellen seem annoying. (Sorry Ellen, you were trying it.) How could anyone forget the moment she declared that “Black girls rock!”

The pop culture moments aren’t the only things we love her for. She’s the most educated First Lady that has ever graced the White House — with two Ivy league degrees, one being a law degree. She had a successful career prior to becoming the First Lady. She’s pushed initiatives to let girls learn. And has always maintained that her number one priority was raising her girls with a sense of normalcy considering everything that comes with being the First Family.

Michelle Obama has weathered every storm with grace and poise. She’s been relatable and likable. And honest. Today we hope she’s somewhere twirling in glitter, being pampered, living her best life. Happy Birthday, FLOTUS! We’ll miss you dearly but can’t wait to see what you do next.