Oh great, Trump will keep tweeting from his personal account as president

As the nation prepares for Donald Trump to take over as president at the end of the week, it’s hard to know exactly how he’ll run the country and interact with average Americans, especially since he tends to behave erratically. One important question about his presidency was finally answered, though, and Trump reportedly plans to keep tweeting from his personal account rather than taking over the official @POTUS account set up for President Obama.

Although the @POTUS account was created with the intention that it would be passed from president to president, Trump isn’t a fan. According to NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell, transition officials claim the Trump administration will take control of the @POTUS account, while The Donald himself will keep tweeting from his personal account. So, at least someone will be using the @POTUS account and it won’t become a barren wasteland of content.

Trump’s account does have more reach, with 20 million followers compared to @POTUS’ 13.5 million. But, it’s frustrating to know the new president will still waste time going on Twitter rants against anyone and anything that dares cross him. It would be in everyone’s best interest for his administration and/or trained professionals to tweet for him, but it would also be in everyone’s best interest for a trained professional to run the country, so what can you do.

In an interview with the Times of London, Trump said, “I’ve got 46 million people right now — that’s a lot, that’s really a lot — but 46 million — including Facebook, Twitter and ya know, Instagram, so when you think that you’re 46 million there, I’d rather just let that build up and just keep it @realDonaldTrump.”

President Obama kept his personal Twitter account while in office, as he’ll need it again once he moves out of the White House, but it’s run by Organizing for Action staff, not POTUS himself. So, it’s not totally crazy for Trump to keep his account, it’s just bizarre for him to run it — especially considering the way he tweets now. He’s given no indication that he intends to tweet differently once in office, as he made absolutely no changes to his controversial online habits once elected.

Just in the last few days, Trump has attacked civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis, Saturday Night Live, Hillary Clinton (yeah, that’s still happening for some reason), and CNN. Scrolling through his tweets feels like reading a funny satire until you realize it’s not a joke in the slightest. Can’t wait ’til Inauguration Day!