This man accidentally went into a women’s bathroom while high and couldn’t find a way out

Look, sometimes you get really high, realize you need to go to Walmart for very important items, and end up trapped in the wrong bathroom. It happens. At least it did to 21-year-old Devon Brownlow from San Antonio, Texas, who got stuck in a women’s bathroom while super high.

Brownlow went shopping after smoking, when he decided he needed to pee, so he headed to the bathroom. However, once he was in the stall, he realized he had made a mistake. “I looked through the crack [of the stall door] and saw it was filled with women,” he told BuzzFeed. “I didn’t want to leave because it was a lot of people and I’m a 6-foot guy with a beard,” he said, explaining that he didn’t want to seem creepy (which he very well could have).

He told BuzzFeed he waited for about 10 minutes, but women were constantly coming in and out of the bathroom, so there was no good time to break free. Because it was crowded, someone even knocked on the door of his stall to see if it was empty, but he just sat there quietly. Sneakily taking a picture from within the stall, he posted it to Twitter, writing, “BRUH IM HIGH AF AT WALMART AND FUCKED AROUND AND WENT IN THE WOMENS RESTROOM IVE BEEN TRYNA LEAVE FOR 10 MINS BUT THEY KEEP COMIMG!!!!”

This seems like a goddamn nightmare for someone super high and paranoid who just wanted some snacks for the night.

Eventually, there was only one woman in the bathroom, and Brownlow ran out without making eye contact. Now that’s how it’s done. “I went to the men’s restroom to wash my hands and left [Walmart] without my groceries,” he told BuzzFeed.

People on Twitter obviously found his predicament hilarious, and were even offering advice on how he could escape.

Thank god he made it out alive. Now I just hope he found some snacks to get through the rest of the night.