Kim Kardashian makes her first public appearance since the robbery

After staying completely out of the public eye since her traumatic Paris robbery in October, Kim Kardashian made her first appearance Friday. She popped back up on social media last week, but then attended celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class Friday in Dubai, officially reinstating herself in public life, though outside of the U.S. Of course, she looked flawless per usual.

Dedivanovic is Kim K.’s longtime makeup artist, so it’s no surprise he wanted to paint her face in front of a crowd. It reportedly cost between $528 and $1,668 to attend the class, and, from photos, it looks like seating was pretty limited, so many makeup/Kardashian fans stood the whole time. “I’m so excited to be here!” Kardashian said as she sat down at the on-stage makeup table with a clean face. “Let’s hope Mario does a good job.” No pressure, Mario.

Those in the audience apparently got to take home a gift bag with more than $3,000 worth of products, and attend a meet and greet with Kardashian and Dedivanovic, so I hope it was worth the grand they dropped to be in the room. And, now they presumably know how to execute a perfect Kim K. makeup look for their casual everyday lives, which is basically priceless.

Days before the event, Dedivanovic posted a photo of Kardashian pretending to do his makeup, a brush perfectly poised on his cheek as she looks like a stone statue, to tease the event.

The makeup artist also took his mom along on the trip, which is just adorable. In an Instagram post showing her flying in style to Dubai, he wrote, “On my way to Dubai with mama Mario. I can’t deal with her cuteness, literally no greater feeling in life then being able to show her the world.” Awwww.

Kardashian fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that Kim’s back out in the world and seems to be herself. Here’s to hoping we see a lot more of her very soon.