It turns out sorority girls pose just like meerkats, which is the best thing you’ll learn all day

I’ve always been perplexed by the very precise way sorority girls pose for every single picture. Who came up with these poses? And how do they all just know how to do them automatically, like they were born with the knowledge? Well, one brilliant soul discovered that sorority girls pose exactly like meerkats, which changes everything.

Twitter user Kevin Bergbauer tweeted four photos of meerkats in poses we’ve all seen in endless pictures of Kappa Phi Beta Gamma whatever girls. He wrote, “is it just me or do sorority girls pose exactly like meerkats for pictures.” No, it’s not just you, Kevin. These meerkats looks like they just made it through rush week in one piece and are getting ready to move into the Greek house while wearing matching embroidered polos.

The photos include all the classics we know and hate — the sisterly hug, the “let’s stack our heads on top of each other,” the back-to-back, and the group hug (to show everyone how much they love each other, obvi). It’s debatable whether the meerkats or sorority sisters are cuter, but it’s not really. Animals out-cute everything, always and forever. Nevertheless, this is a mind-blowing discovery, and I’ll never be able to look at sorority photos the same.

This photo especially screams sorority hug.

CREDIT: KevinBergbauer/Twitter

Sorority girls couldn’t even disagree.

Please enjoy the rest of your day knowing this information.