Saudi music video asks God to “rid us of men” and makes fun of Donald Trump

The Saudi Arabian music video “Hwages” (roughly translated as “concerns”) initially caused a lot of controversy in the country and has now made its way to the U.S. In the video, Saudi women beg God to “rid us of men,” make fun of president-elect Donald Trump, and do a lot of stuff women simply aren’t allowed to do in Saudi Arabia. Still dressed in traditional black niqabs, the three women have colorful dresses and shoes visible underneath. They play basketball, skateboard, and drive bumper cars.

The video starts with a young boy driving the women around, because women aren’t allowed to drive. Once out of the car, though, they start rebelling, singing, “May men go extinct, they cause us to have mental illnesses.” The Washington Post points out that the song is based on an older folk song with lyrics such as “may all men sink into oblivion.” So, we now have two new favorite songs.

The newer version takes on a more political stance, which makes it even better. It shows a cutout of Trump’s face behind a fake presidential podium that says “House of Men” as protesters wave signs with Hillary Clinton’s face crossed out and hipster mustaches seemingly representing the horrible male species.

You can watch the full video below, and if you want to sing along, here are some of the lyrics:

“May all men sink into oblivion.

If only God would rid us of men.

May men go extinct, they cause us to have mental illnesses.”

You’re welcome for the new obsession.