Ed Sheeran released two new singles and people are losing their minds

For weeks, the musician teased everyone about his upcoming release, and now that the songs have finally dropped, the memes about Ed Sheeran’s new music show how much everyone is collectively freaking out. Earlier in the week, Sheeran tweeted that he’d share a new tune Jan. 6 at midnight, and he held true to his promise. The singer released “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” Friday morning, making the hashtag #WelcomeBackEd start trending as fans celebrated his return.

“Cause I’ve been away for a bit, here’s two singles rather than one,” Sheeran wrote on Twitter. He performed the songs live on BBC 1 Friday morning, telling the hosts he was traveling for a year. The details of his next album are still a secret, but we do know it’s in the works, and these two new singles at least reveal that he’s making some progress. You can listen to “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” here.

We kinda forgot Sheeran existed for a while, but apparently the rest of the internet didn’t. People were very excited about the new songs, as evidenced by the endless Twitter memes conveying pure joy. Here are the best memes about Sheeran’s reemergence.

The world right now

When you hear “Shape of You” for the first time

He could write a song about taking a shit

“Oh I oh I oh I”

When you think it’s over, but there’s more…

Ed saved 2017

Two moods today

So many emotions

The surprise was too much


It’s totally valid to cancel any and all plans for the day to listen to these songs on repeat from bed.