Washington Post Express uses male symbol on cover about Women’s March on Washington

The day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, hundreds of thousands of women will take to the streets in the Women’s March on Washington, showing their united opposition to America’s new leader. In a major gaffe, though, The Washington Post Express used the male symbol to feature the women’s march on its cover Thursday. Women can’t just have this one thing.

The cover read, “The modest start of a massive march,” with people outlining the shape of the male symbol. Express didn’t even fully apologize, but tweeted, “We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed. We erroneously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.” Um, yeah, you should be embarrassed. The daily tabloid then tweeted a picture of what the cover should have looked like with the correct female symbol.

A careless graphic designer who didn’t bother to Google the difference between the symbols is probably out of a job, or at least got a stern lecture and taken off cover duty. Even if it was an accident, the mixup was a real “fuck you” to women nationwide planning to attend the protest of a misogynistic business tycoon accused of sexual assault on numerous occasions.

Women on Twitter were quick to point out how using the male symbol on a cover about women fully embodies our patriarchal society. Something about men had to be inserted, because women don’t need the whole cover. Cool cool cool.

On the bright side, the mistake helped garner more attention for the women’s march and might have even convinced more people to show up. The Women’s March on Washington will take place Jan. 21, beginning at 10 a.m. at Independence Avenue and Third Street SW near the capitol in Washington D.C.