This woman left a scathing breakup voicemail for her gelato shop on NYE

Giving up delicious food as a New Year’s resolution just sounds like torture, but as many folks try to get healthier in 2017, giving up sweets is often the first step. If you love sugar more than you love most humans, cutting it out of your life completely can feel a bit traumatic. Just take this woman who left a depressed voicemail for her local gelato shop because it was closed on New Year’s Eve, when she planned to binge eat the treat before giving it up for good.

The unnamed Australian woman called Gelato Messina on New Year’s Eve, very upset that the shop closed early for the holiday. “My New Year’s Eve is now ruined. I had plans to buy at least a litre and a half of Messina, as I do every week, and sit on my couch, and eat it and then make New Year’s Eve resolutions to never eat it again,” she said in the voicemail. “And you know what, because you are closed, it’s going to make my New Year’s Eve resolution of not eating Messina so much easier — because I am very, very upset right now.” Honestly, that sounds like the perfect way to spend NYE, so she was rightfully pissed that her plan was ruined.

“Are you really sorry that you’re closed at 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Are you? Because you should be,” the woman said in the textbook breakup call.

She was basically already planning to break up with gelato, but was looking forward to hooking up one more time, only to have that dream crushed at the last minute. Anyone would be bummed about that and leave a scathing voicemail for their now-ex solidifying the split. It’s also true, though, that being mad at your ex can often make a breakup easier, so maybe the shop did her a favor.

Gelato Messina posted the voicemail on its Facebook page Thursday, assuring everyone that the voicemail was, in fact, real. “We promise it’s real. All had a very good laugh in the office today and genuinely are curious as to who this lady is,” the shop replied to one comment. Gelato Messina also wrote, “To the lady who left this on our voicemail on New Years Eve, we really are sorry and we love you too. Let’s get back together?”

She clearly still loves gelato, but needs some space.