Wendy’s dragged someone on Twitter and made them delete their account

When you get dragged by Wendy’s, the fast food franchise with a girl with pigtails as its mascot, just go ahead and delete your account. That is exactly what one Twitter user did after the famous burger joint politely clapped back.

It all started innocent enough. Wendy’s was minding its business, something that too many people have yet to master. Last Monday, the social media manager for Wendy’s tweeted that the fast food joint doesn’t use frozen beef. “Our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen,” the now deleted tweet read.

Unless you have no life, there’s nothing in Wendy’s tweet to gripe about. But Twitter user @NHride thought he was going to shake the table being rude.

“Your beef is frozen and we all know it. Y’all know we laugh at your slogan “fresh, never frozen” right? Like you’re really a joke,” @NHride tweeted. Now maybe the poor fellow had a bad burger once that caused him to vomit for two days straight. Perhaps his beef with the establishment that has blessed us with the 4 for $4 is a personal one. Whatever the motif, it likely didn’t turn out how @NHride expected. Whoever was running Wendy’s social media that day had time to gather and collect and finish him!

“Sorry to hear you think that! But you’re wrong, we’ve only ever used fresh beef since we were founded in 1969,” Wendy’s tweeted.

The tweeter wouldn’t accept his defeat in silence so Wendy was forced to ether him. Wendy’s promptly reminded the user what a refrigerator was. And when @NHride added McDonald’s in the mix the fast food chain had no choice but to pounce on the troublemaker ending him/her once and for all.

Since being dragged by Wendy’s @NHride has deleted his/her account. Don’t come for Wendy’s if they did not send for you. Now that the dragging has made headlines other users are hoping to get the same treatment.

Whoever is running Wendy’s social media account deserves a raise. In another tweet someone asked if Wendy’s heard that Rally’s has 4 for $3. In the perfect response, Wendy’s posted a photo of Mariah Carey’s infamous “I don’t know her” quote. Flawless execution. Never change, Wendy’s.