Finally, someone is charging the same price for female and male razors

It should come as no surprise that anything pink and marketed toward women costs more than the exact same products sold primarily to men. Because of this, it’s actually a big deal that the multinational grocery store Tesco cut the price of women’s razors to cost the same as men’s. Obviously people of both genders shave, so it’s absolute bullshit to charge one demographic more money to do so.

Not only do women make less money than men, but a 2016 study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found that women pay more for the same items as men 42 percent of the time. Yep, you’re probably paying more for almost half of the stuff you buy.

The Guardian reports that Tesco was charging £1 for a pack of five women’s twin-blade razors, twice the price of the same men’s pack. After the store received some backlash for the insane price gap, the store insisted it wasn’t due to gender bias, but because the men’s razors were made in high quantities and therefore could be sold for less. Regardless, Tesco decided to lower the price of the women’s razor packages.

“Following an internal review and discussions with our suppliers, we have acted on concerns about the difference in price of our female and male disposable twin-blade razors, in line with our commitment to ensure consistently low, simple and affordable pricing,” Kari Daniels, Tesco’s commercial director for packaged products, said in a letter to Paula Sherriff, a member of British Parliament who called out the store.

“We have aligned the prices of these products so that the male and female razors are the same price per unit,” Daniels explained. “We have done this by reducing the cost of the women’s razors and keeping the cost of the men’s razors the same.”

Here’s to everyone paying the same amount of cash to remove their body hair on a regular basis.