Drake and J. Lo kissed at a private prom — this is not a drill

For weeks, the world has been dissecting Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram posts trying to figure out whether or not the two are dating. Well, the stars attended a private winter-themed prom in Los Angeles Thursday and a video of the event shows Drake and J. Lo kissing after being crowned prom king and queen. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod.

They definitely look together in the video of the smooch and them dancing with each other at the grown-up prom. DraLo (too soon?) were even dressed like they were going to a high school dance, with Drake wearing a tux and J. Lo in a fancy white mini dress, complete with corsages.

Initially, it just seemed like the singers were friends and possibly collaborating, but as time went on, they got more and more romantic and cuddly. The last picture they posted together before the prom shindig showed Drake hugging J. Lo as she basically laid across his lap, looking particularly happy. Before that, Drake went to her Vegas show, All I Am, and they each posted photos with heart-eye emojis and captions about loving each other.

We didn’t want to believe this romance was real because Drake is supposed to be with Rihanna, end of story. But it’s becoming harder and harder to deny.

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However, in defense of the theory that they are actually just friends, you can hear music playing in the video from the prom that could be a collaboration between Drake and J. Lo. So, this could all be a show to get attention and promote a possible new song they recorded together. If that’s the case, the theatrics are certainly working.

I don’t know, though; they still look awfully close. This uncertainty is torture.