Pro tip: Get yourself a best friend who will wake up on command to defend you

When choosing new friends, there are some non-negotiable traits we should all look for. For instance, applicants should dislike 99.9 percent of the human population, enjoy complaining about anything and everything at all hours, and not be afraid to tell you your new bae is total garbage. Additionally, you should find a best friend willing to wake up on command to defend your ass, like this noble high schooler.

Ira Lindsay, a junior at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., demonstrated ultimate friendship goals when his BFF, Shane Royster, called on him to back her up in an argument. Shane was arguing with another student in their theater ensemble study hall while Ira snoozed in a chair. But, the minute Shane started yelling “BEST FRIEND,” Ira popped out his chair and came to her rescue. He told BuzzFeed he had “no idea what was going on,” but it didn’t matter — his BFF called, and he went a runnin’.

Of course, someone caught the whole thing on video, helping us all become obsessed with the teen duo. The clip shows Shane saying, “Do I have to wake up my best friend for you?,” and the other classmate saying, “Wake him up!”

Ira posted the video to Twitter, writing, “when you’re trained to go for your bestfriend.” It’s unclear what came of the argument, but the video ends with Ira walking over to the confrontation wagging a finger at the person disturbing his BFF without any clue what was going on.

Ira told BuzzFeed he was taking a nap because he had a headache, but he said when he heard Shane calling him, “I was shook.” Naps are serious business, so Ira’s willingness to be woken up for anything short of a fire or natural disaster says a lot.

Get yourself a BFF who will defend you no matter what and give up precious sleep to rush to your side. Ira and Shane are  definitely (friendship) #RelationshipGoals.