‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher dies

After suffering a heart attack on a plane, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher died Tuesday. She was 60 years old. “It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 855 this morning,” Simon Halls, a representative for Fisher’s daughter, said in a statement to NBC News. “She was loved by the world and she will be missed profoundly.”

She had a heart attack Friday on a flight from London to Los Angeles and was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where she remained in intensive care. Crew members and an EMT performed CPR on the actress on board the flight, but she was reportedly not responsive.

Loved as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, Fisher recently finished filming Star Wars: Episode VIII and was on tour for her book The Princess Diarist (in which she finally revealed that Harrison Ford and she did, in fact, bang while filming Star Wars). Although Star Wars was her most well-known role, she was also in The Blue Brothers, When Harry Met Sally, and The Burbs, was the voice of Peter Griffin’s boss Angela on Family Guy, wrote multiple novels, and edited other people’s screenplays.

“And as much as I may have joked about Star Wars over the years, I liked that I was in those films,” she wrote in her book. “Particularly as the only girl in an all-boy fantasy. They were fun to make. It was an anecdote of unimaginable standing.”