Startup offers free birth control delivery for Christmas with promo code “Donald Trump”

After the election of Donald Trump, doctors across the nation noted a dramatic spike in women seeking IUDs, or long-acting contraception, probably due to concerns about how they would access birth control in the relatively likely event of Planned Parenthood being defunded and Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate being repealed in the not so distant future. And one San Francisco startup that’s been delivering birth control to women since 2015 is aggressively working to address those fears. Since Monday, Nurx has offered free birth control with the promo code “Donald Trump” through Christmas in pretty much the best move since the trend of donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. So, merry Christmas!

“Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that would mean that millions of women would lose access to free birth control,” Hans Gangeskar, CEO and cofounder of Nurx, said in a press release.”This motivated us to figure out a way to help make contraception even more accessible.”

The promotion is available to new users based in states where Nurx currently operates, such as California, New York, Washington, and the nation’s capital. It specifically offers new users $45 credit toward purchases of birth control. Nurx’s current model provides women with birth control delivered to their door after they complete a brief medical profile, upload a photo of a form of ID and insurance card if they have one, and choose from a range of generic and name-brand contraceptives.

A Nurx physician reviews each form, issues a prescription, and in less than two hours, birth control is delivered to your door. It really is that simple — maybe that’s why the company is popularly known as the “Uber of birth control.”

Apps similar to Nurx, such as Lemonade and a Planned Parenthood mobile app, have recently begun offering similar services in some states, reflecting an increasingly popular trend of making birth control more available and accessible to women through technological innovation. Not all women have the time or ability to physically go to doctor’s appointments or pick up birth control, and apps like Nurx allow them to interface with physicians, obtain a prescription, and order birth control delivered to them all through the convenience of their smartphones.

Since 2015, there has been increased demand for birth control to be accessible over the counter without a prescription, with many pointing out how numerous studies have shown that the medication is perfectly safe. Prescription requirements really only serve to further stigmatize and regulate access to reproductive choice. After all, only 45 countries require a prescription for birth control pills, and 102 countries allow women to access the pill over the counter or after they’ve completed a simple screening.

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And as Nurx’s CEO and cofounder noted earlier this week, the Trump-Pence administration and Republican Congress are only going to further obstruct everyday women’s ability to access birth control. Through the Affordable Care Act, 67 percent of insured women received free birth control. Eighty percent of Planned Parenthood’s millions of patients nation-wide receive contraceptive services that directly contribute to lowering rates of unwanted pregnancies and, as a result, lowering rates of abortion.

Under President Obama, who has consistently supported funding for family planning services, the national abortion rate dropped from 16 abortions for every 1,000 women to 12.5. Young women have benefited from wider access to contraception more than any other group. After all, lower rates of teen births mean fewer women trapped in poverty and forced to depend on social programs our Republican dominated government is preparing to dramatically scale back.

Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, not only has a long record of voting against bills supporting reproductive choice, but ranks among Obamacare’s most vocal critics, and in 2012 asked to be shown “one” American woman couldn’t afford birth control, which we can easily do for him after Obamacare is largely repealed and Planned Parenthood is defunded.

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Nurx’s promotional offer is particularly relevant in light of the united efforts of Trump, Price, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and known Planned Parenthood defunder Mike Pence to attack women’s primary means of accessing contraception. President Obama recently passed a last-ditch effort to protect organizations offering abortion services from being defunded, but the law will be incredibly vulnerable amidst a Republican government come 2017. It could be that women’s ability to access reproductive healthcare will largely depend on efforts by the private sector and companies such as Nurx.