Drake and J. Lo are probably definitely not dating each other

Drake may have professed his love for Rihanna at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, but people can’t seem to stop linking him up with every celebrity woman he is spotted with in public. Recently, Drake and J Lo dating rumors started to float around the Internet after he made two appearances at her All I Am Vegas show. The Canadian rapper couldn’t keep his excitement about seeing one of the sexiest women in the world on stage and posted several Instagram photos at the event, including a selfie with J. Lo complete with a heart-eyed emoji. Jennifer Lopez returned the favor by posting the picture on her Instagram page with the hashtag #ilovehim.

A week later, the pair was spotted at Delilah, a West Hollywood based restaurant where Drake held his 30th birthday celebration back in October. The restaurant was the same place where people claimed he was all over Taylor Swift – yet another dating rumor which turned out to be a professional relationship in the making as Swift/Drizzy prepped for a music collaboration. So far, no music has been released, but no one seems to mind (LOL). The so-called date with J. Lo at Delilah was actually a group outing with more than 20 other guests in their party. An eyewitness claimed they looked like they were on a date, but it sounds like a group of friends who happen to be in the same city linking up for a bite to eat.

😍 <——– Lotta those

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Of course, neither J. Lo nor Drake have responded to the dating rumors – probably because there is nothing to say. Drake loves J. Lo just like any other logical human being, so wanting to post photos and grab a selfie with the Puerto Rican superstar is probably nothing more than him being a fan of another extremely famous person. He’s also rich so he can afford to go see J. Lo twice in a week and bask in her beauty. Their rumored relationship might also be a sign of them working together in the near future. Maybe he’s just a fanboy. J. Lo’s hashtag about loving Drake is more than likely her way of showing how much she appreciates a fellow artist coming out to support her work. Everyone loves Drake. And Drake loves Rihanna. DRAKE LOVES RIHANNA FOREVER, SHUT UP.

But logic won’t stop Twitter from jumping to conclusions. Tweets ranged from praise to a video of Drake admiring J. Lo as she strut across the Vegas stage in a shiny outfit:

This is just not a thing that needs to happen. BECAUSE DRAKE LOVES RIHANNA FOREVER. OK, I’m done.