Breaking: Viola Davis calls prosecco “sippy sips” and enjoys a nice dip in a jacooz’

On Wednesday night, Viola Davis was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon promoting her new movie with Denzel Washington, Fences, and told the late show host all about how she plans on relaxing over the holidays. As one does, Viola Davis plans on chilling in a Jacuzzi while drinking prosecco. Fallon wasn’t convinced. “Prosecco? More than champagne?” he asked with his faux bro-surprise. “Listen, I’m an equal opportunity drinker,” Davis said. God bless this woman. Even better, she calls whatever she wants to drink “her sippy sips.” As if you needed a reason to like her even more.

But! Just in case you were thinking this was some canned response meant for laughs, know this: Davis has been telling everyone that she can’t wait to get into a Jacuzzi with her sippy sips. On E! News she told Zuri Hall, who asked the same question of the How To Get Away With Murder star about how she would spend the holiday season that she would do it “in the Jacuzzi with a glass of prosecco, of course.” Of course.

Looking like a bit like she was caught red handed drinking in the tub again, Davis added this time, “and the dark chocolate, I have some Godiva chocolate at home.” It’s basically what runs through my head every time someone wonders why I don’t want to join them for happy hour. “I have some Godiva chocolate at home. And sippy sips. Please do not get in the way.”

Listen, I find Jacuzzis to be rather stressful — they’re hot and the jets are too loud (or maybe I’m just in a a cheap jacuzzi, which is kind of embarrassing now that I think of it) and when there are other people in it I just want them to go away BUT the prosecco is something I can totally get behind. So does Davis. She’s admitted to loving the sparkling, delightful beverage on more than one occasion and not just on some super glamorous holiday break. Before her now legendary Emmy speech last year, she told Ellen DeGeneres that she had a few sippy sips before the show. Actually, she called it “MY prosecco,” which is better than sippy sips. Davis also told Ellen that she didn’t really notice what a big deal her win and speech were at the time because she was way too busy thinking about the McDonald’s french fries she had seen backstage.

Between her guilty admission of looking forward to chocolate and fries at the end of her day and throwing a few drinks back before work obligations (we should all be so lucky), Viola Davis is now The Realest. This week, she went to a press conference in  workout clothes, which, because of the media world we live in is pretty much “revolutionary,” but also just a sign that Viola Davis is here for the job and not to care about what you think of her and her secret stash of dark chocolate at home.

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