People are trolling Ivanka Trump’s boots on Amazon in the best way

When you give a human being a computer, they start to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like buy things they can’t afford, talk to their relatives on Facebook, or, usually, just troll other human beings. Sometimes trolling is scary, like the countless angry white men on Twitter. And sometimes it’s sort of amusing, like the people trolling Ivanka Trump boots on Amazon in the Q&A sections. Trump’s clothing line sells some items on Amazon, and one pair of Issa boots — a high heel boot with a zipper closure that retails anywhere from $65 to $100 — has attracted non-Trump supporters who need to let off of some steam.

Is it immature and silly to rant about someone on the internet? Very much so. But the president-elect does it all the time, so why not? Democrats (and anyone whose soul isn’t completely black) have had no other outlet for their pain since the election. Not even the Electoral College will save us now, so America’s fate is pretty much sealed. Twitter isn’t really a safe space to hate on Trump, since any complaint about the incoming administration inevitably draws some terribly racist and sexist comment from a Breitbart News reader. Turning to Amazon to make fun of the Trump administration is the only true safe space left.

And people are pretty funny. Between the reviews and the Q&A, people are really going at it.

Two right feet

issa boot
CREDIT: Amazon

Perfect for the swamp

issa boot 2
CREDIT: Amazon

Great for travel

issa boot 3
CREDIT: Amazon

Even time travel

issa boot 4
CREDIT: Amazon

Of course, some Trump supporters wish that people would just grow up. I mean, who complains and makes fun of people on the internet? Surely, the great example set by the president-elect should be followed. What’s most amazing about the comments telling people to buck up is that they sound suspiciously like Trump himself. Losers! All of them!

Who’s butt hurt? 

issa 5
CREDIT: Amazon

Other products in the Ivanka Trump store are facing the same fate. Like a color blocked dress.

ivanka dress
CREDIT: Amazon

Of course, as things are on the internet, some of the “reviews” are pretty nasty, focusing on Ivanka’s appearance and implying that she sleeps with her father.

But other comments really seem to be from people who are just so fed up with the state of affairs in the country that they have no other way to complain other than leaving a stupid joke on an Amazon seller page. Which, of course, will probably become a useful skill if Trump’s presidency ends up being as close minded and fascist as some of the people he’s nominated to cabinet positions.

This is America, where it only makes sense to mock a failed hotelier come politician on a sales page of a website. Help us, please.