A clueless dad narrated his daughter’s beauty tutorial video, and it’s pure gold

Everyone knows parents just don’t understand, but that’s an understatement when it comes to most dads understanding their daughters’ makeup routines. Nothing illustrates this more than a clueless dad narrating his daughter’s makeup tutorial on YouTube. Vlogger Megan of Meggs and Bacon had her dad explain each and every step in her “every day” makeup routine (which requires a lot of primers, foundation, and what her father deems are way too many brushes,) and it was comedic gold.

The dad spends most of his time trying to figure out just what his daughter his doing. “Dab dab dab,” he says as she applies a base. When she tries to contour towards the end, he jokes that you could see his daughter’s cheekbones before she “put all that other crap on,” but now they are even more visible. Not only does he not understand the products or their purposes, the names of things confound him too. He’s jokingly prudish about the Urban Decay “Naked” eyeshadow palette. “Too Faced” is equally distressing (“one face isn’t enough,” he says).

It’s not clear whether he’s laughing or laugh-crying, but least she isn’t contouring with penises. Megan is a good sport, although she sometimes moves too quickly for pops, and he can barely get a good explanation in before he has to quickly catch up and move onto the next step, which is a shame, because listening to this guy riff on makeup is great therapy.

He gets at it from the very beginning. ‘This is made from the sweat of Elves,” her dad says of a primer.

As if the multiple primers, foundations, and concealers weren’t enough to handle, her dad really doesn’t get what brushes are for. “A girl can never have too many brushes,” he says, which is obviously something his daughter has told him while asking for more cash flow at Sephora.

She pulls out one brush that he claims makes his daughter feel more fancy.

Uh, yeah, it’s not just about being fancy, but let’s all just admit something to ourselves: fancy brushes do make the whole process more fun. So, one point for Dad.

The Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette is probably the best part. She starts with one nude color as her dad makes sure everyone knows that the palette is pretty costly (around $50). When she randomly uses another color in it, he’s a little relieved that at least his daughter uses two out of what he sees are “48” different colors. Uh, we all know there’s only 12 in that set (which, for what it’s worth, is also my go-to eyeshadow collection; I have used only half of one color in the seven years I’ve owned it, but I pay for my own makeup, so I have no guilt).

His comments are pretty spot on and probably reminiscent of what most clueless fathers would make of their daughters’ or partners’ makeup habits. One day when Meggs and Bacon makes bank with her makeup skills, hopefully her dad will finally get what “that spongey thing” is for.