There might be a link between your birth control and how much sex you’re having

There’s so much conflicting information surrounding birth control and its side effects on women, which is why it’s always best to talk to your doctor and go with whatever is right for your body and mental health. But just in case you wanted more information, a new study links birth control and higher sex drives. This is totally counterintuitive to all the studies out there about birth control lowering your sex drive. But hey, having sex is good, so let’s consider this good news.

Researchers in Norway surveyed about 300 women on hormonal birth control and in relationships. They asked the women how many times they’d had sex the week before, what kind of birth control they used on the regular, and how “invested” in their relationships they were.

They found that women who were invested in their relationship and used birth control with more progestin and less estrogen had more sex than women who were committed in their relationship and used any other kind of birth control. On the flip side, women who weren’t that invested in their partners and used contraception with more estrogen were also having more sex and than women who weren’t into their partners and used birth control with less estrogen.

See what I mean? You can never untangle this mess.

Basically, the researchers think more estrogen means your hormones are sending you messages to mate, because we’re all just animals at the end of the day. So, even if you’re not committed to your partner, your sex drive is solid. Which sort of sucks, because often the more you have sex with someone you’re not all that into, the more you like them anyway. Essentially, you could be banging all the time and never have time to remember to break up with them.

One thing from the study is pretty clear, though — hormonal birth control doesn’t have to kill your libido and actually might increase it. Maybe that’s a good enough reason to get women who are hesitant to get on hormonal birth control because they like their sex life to at least try it out.

But, there are a lot of other factors that contribute to your sex drive besides hormones. As with anything birth control related, don’t feel shitty if you’re committed to your partner and still don’t want to have sex. Hormonal birth control might be good for your sex drive, but bad for everything else. Being a woman is hard.