Mariah Carey basically tells Demi Lovato to run up if she has something to say, and it’s the best shade ever

Being as legendary as Mariah Carey means you’re usually exempt from answering prodding questions about your love life or tofu beefs with pop stars. But the diva extraordinaire has her new docuseries Mariah’s World to promote, so occasionally she has to step down from her thrown to address the lessors. And if anybody knows how to pull a shady moment out of Carey, it’s Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.

On Sunday night, the pop star, who’s been making timeless music since the ’80s (when will your fave ever?), appeared on WWHL in a divine black cat suit. Cohen is who we can thank for the the now infamous “I don’t know her” response she made about Jennifer Lopez. She still doesn’t know Lopez, in case you’re wondering. She definitely doesn’t know Demi Lovato, either. During a segment called “Plead the Fifth,” Cohen asked the diva how she feels about Lovato’s tweets that called her treatment of Lopez “nasty.” Carey had time, OK. She opened a book and read Lovato down. Class is now in session.

“I don’t know her either, so I wouldn’t say anything to her,” Carey said. “She should come up, introduce herself to me, say ‘Here’s my opinion, what do you think about it?’ That’s how you handle shit.”

She topped off that flawless shade with an epic eye roll. The queen basically told Lovato to run up if she ain’t scared. And I live!

Lovato is an #AllLivesMatter kind of gal, so I can’t find any fucks to give about the icon that is Mariah Carey dragging her for filth. Also, isn’t it in the Pop Star 101 handbook that you don’t comment on other celebrities’ beefs? Beyoncé would never. Rihanna would never.

Also, get into how playful The “All I Want For Christmas” singer can be. When Cohen asked about Lopez she replied, “I’m forgetful. How am I to know?”

And Carey had some lovely things to say about other pop stars. She loves Brittney Spears and thinks Katy Perry is a very nice girl. She thinks Taylor Swift is sweet and said she had a very nice conversation with Lady Gaga. “She came to my show, she was very sweet,” Carey said about Gaga. “She came to the Christmas show at the Beacon Theatre, and we had a nice conversation… We’ve met… I enjoyed the moment.”

As far as any of her personal business about her ex fiancé, James Packer, you’ll have to watch the show. On those rumors about a romance with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, she said, “I’m not used to dating. I really am, like, quite virginal.”

Let’s see: in one 30-minute segment Carey gave us MasterClass level shade, deflection, a plug to her docuseries, called herself “virginal” and reminded you gals she still doesn’t know you. ICONIC.