Khloé Kardashian’s new relationship with new dad Tristan Thompson is extremely not cute

Girl code is something that eludes the Kardashian sisters: Kim didn’t care about Amber Rose when she allegedly cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye West while he was with Amber; Kylie didn’t hesitate to start a relationship with her sister’s friend’s baby’s father when she started dating Tyga, no matter how much it would hurt Blac Chyna; Kim sided with her sister despite the pedophilia of it all. Finally, we have Khloé, who, on her journey to happiness, keeps taking L after L. In her Eat Pray Love quest, she has thrown aside all consideration for other women she’s hurting in the process — first with the very married French Montana, and now with Tristan Thompson, who reportedly welcomed a baby boy into the world just seven days ago.

In an all new low of desperation, Khloé has found another black man willing to let her use him as much as he’s probably using her for publicity. Her new beau isn’t married like Frenchie, and isn’t one of Trina’s exes, but he is a man with a week-old newborn. He “left” a gorgeous woman of color, Jordan Craig (aka Jordy), to date a woman who appropriates black women, does performative caricatures of black women with her alter ego, Koko, and who joked about the KKK in an offensive Instagram post. Jordy might be better off without him, tbh.

Him ❤️

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When photos of Kardashian and Thompson first surfaced back in September, reports claimed the 25-year-old Cleveland Cavalier left his pregnant ex to start dating Khloé. May you never know that kind of desperation. Sure, Jordy and Tristan could’ve already split by the time Khloé bogarted her way into the picture, which would technically put her in the clear. It’s still trash to date a man while he has another woman pregnant, but this is a woman who openly dated French Montana while both of them were still legally married. So expectations are already low.

On Instagram last night, Khloé posted a photo of herself with the dude of the moment in their matching outfits. “Him ❤️,” she wrote. The photo was picked up by all the women’s mags as some kind of romance fairytale. Awww. How cute. A woman is in peak lust with a man who has a WEEK-OLD BABY BOY. The thirst is real.

As far as we know, Jordy could be living the life, happy to have a man as trash as Tristan out of her life. She may even be happy that he’s found temporary happiness with Khloé. According to an alleged source, that is not the case, though. “She feels completely disrespected by him and Khloé,” a source told Life & Style. “Tristan would be with Jordy at the doctor’s office, and he’d be off in the corner FaceTiming Khloé.”

Tristan is not absolved from being called out on his triflin’ behavior. Men in these kind of situations walk away unscathed, while women are pitted against each other, left to take all the blame. But I expect this kind of behavior from men. Far easier to try to save other women, which is why Khloé can get this work. Plus, this isn’t her first time parading around with another woman’s man, being super insensitive to the other women involved. That’s forever wack.

Khloé is going to be terribly disappointed when she realizes stepping on other women’s toes for a man isn’t the way to happiness. Any man who leaves his pregnant girlfriend to jump in a new relationship is not a man worth having. The reality star’s mistake is thinking she’s somehow going to be the magical exception. He did it to her, he’ll do it to you. Women learn this lesson the hard way too often when it comes to abusive or cheating men.

Matching camo outerwear aside, it’s utterly embarrassing to be dating a man with a newborn. You have options, baby girl. In addition to it reeking of desperation and going completely against the unspoken girl code, it’s likely hella unhealthy. No relationship guru or therapist worth their credentials would recommend this kind of relationship.

Funny enough, there’s no outrage about Khloé being cuddled up with the father of another woman’s baby. But the internet Basement Boys had all the ire for Ciara getting engaged to Russell Wilson, and for him actually loving her son. The Future Hive was ready for war. Tristan, meanwhile, gets no scorn. And when this relationship ends (come on, now), Khloé will be left with the reputation of dealing with men who are still involved on some level.

Khloé does not owe Jordy her allegiance. Jordy wasn’t her friend. Maybe her girl code only extends to the women in her circle. That’s fine. But other than the fact that she’s out here looking foolish, she should at least acknowledge to herself that she wouldn’t want this done to her. Had she ever been pregnant by Lamar Odom, she’d be devastated if he was traipsing off to Mexico with another famous woman and posing with her all over his Instagram. Even for a reality star who has built a career on appropriation, black stereotypes, reality TV and sleeping with black men, this is low.

As the old folks say, “Lie down with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas.” And to think people who hated Kim always boasted about Khloé being their fave because she “kept it real” and would call Kim out on her shit. My, how those tables always turn.