Tiffany & Co put branded barricades around Trump Tower to distract from the horror

Although gifts from Tiffany & Co. are typically reserved for the wealthy patricians of society, the fancy women’s jeweler has a gift for all of us this holiday season: Tiffany & Co. will help the NYPD barricade Trump Tower — sort of. Fine, not really. There’s been much commotion outside the president-elect’s New York presence, from protests, to somber Kanye West visits, to sightings of just about every political super villain in the nation. As a result, Tiffany & Co. customers have reportedly been having trouble accessing the shop, which is right next door to Trump Tower, and there have been way fewer drop-ins.

To offer its customers a more direct, protected path to the storefront, Tiffany & Co. this week unveiled NYPD barricades covered in characteristically stylish, monogrammed, Tiffany-blue cloth. According to CBS News, the cloth was originally slated to cover windows prior to the unveiling of the shop’s annual holiday window, which reportedly had to be canceled for “security reasons.” So, in addition to costing Tiffany drop-in customers due to the monstrous spectacle next door, it looks like Trump Tower and all its pomp and commotion of late could even be amounting to a safety and security threat for the jewelry store.

A representative from Tiffany told WWD: “Tiffany is in frequent communication with the New York Police Department and U.S. Secret Service regarding safety and security along the perimeter of our Fifth Avenue flagship.” I’m sure it has nothing to do with the perpetual mob next door!

Additionally, as the shop not only remains vigilant against potential security threats, the company’s flagship shop is rolling out new advertising tactics to attract customers now that its neighbor is the most grandiosely diverting spectacle in the country/world. A Tiffany representative told WWD that in order “to draw further attention that it’s business as usual inside the store, bellhops are stationed along the pathway, each wearing a standard-issue Tiffany-blue scarf, as well as uniform knit hats, neck warmers and gloves” to combat “Thursday’s below-freezing weather.”

Much like Americans everywhere, Tiffany & Co. appears to be unwittingly trapped in a situation it literally did not ask for, but at the very least, it’s taking some initiative and fighting back against Trump with bellhops and baby-blue barricades. You know, as one does. If only instead of merely forging a path for prospective customers, the shop’s elegant monogrammed barricades could wrap around Trump Tower and keep him entrapped there forever.