These relaxing bath products might calm the steady, low-key anxiety attack you apparently live with now

If your stress is at an all-time high over the prospect of surviving in Trump’s America™ (plus the unavoidable stresses that go along with having to continue to live our regularly scheduled lives — which seems insane and impossible at this point — like work, school, and breathing in and out), it might seem both harder than ever and more necessary than ever to take some time to relax. Since there are very few comforting thoughts to be clung to right now, there are bath products that may calm the low-key anxiety attack you’ve been steadily having for the past month or so. (Yes, bath products is legit the only solution we can come up with. Shit is bleak.) But really, a soothing bath can calm your nerves and help all the stress momentarily disappear.

Basically, a bath isn’t going to fix anything but it’s also not going to hurt. Let’s see what we can do.

Bubble Baths

They are on of the most efficient ways to calm yourself down. After an anxiety attack or a long day, fill up the tub with water and drizzle some of the bubble bath in with the running water and watch the bubbles form (how pretty!). These baths have soothing ingredients like lavender and ylang ylang which are proven to have aromatherapeutic properties that help you chill out. Submerge yourself in water and forget that our future president refuses to denounce the KKK.

Bath Oils

Bath oils are key for an intense calming session. If your anxiety is through the roof and you are so stressed your muscles have tensed up (first step take a few deep breaths), bath oils are a good way to calm yourself down. The bath oils can be combined with your bubble bath to make the scents even stronger and moisturizing for your skin. You can also just use the oils to massage into your skin and your tense muscles, giving you guaranteed relaxation, at least until you remember the rapidly escalating assault on reproductive rights.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are similar to the oils and bubble baths but are even better because they are like an insane combination of both. They contain the essential oils that are found in bath oils and give off a relaxing scent to soothe you in the tub. They also dissolve into the water like the bubble bath, helping you soak your worries (and the memory of Hillary’s tragically lackluster campaign strategy) away.

Bath & Shower Gel

If lying in the bathtub is not your cup of tea, there are shower gels that can give you similar relaxation as with the previously mentioned products. Using more calming scents like chamomile and vanilla, bath and shower gels will have you feeling cool, calm and collected, at least until you get back on Twitter.

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