The Florida legislature is pissed that Pit Bull’s “Sexy Beaches” is, in fact, sexy

Almost as ridiculous as the list of things our taxpayer dollars don’t fund are all the eyebrow-raising, cringe-inducing things they do fund, and who would know better than the people of the lovely state of Florida? This week, there was some serious beef in the Florida state legislature over Pitbull’s “Sexy Beaches” music video, because A) the video’s imagery lived up to the song’s name, and B) it did so with Florida taxpayer dollars since the video was produced for the state-run tourism agency Visit Florida.

Given the state’s notoriety for its oranges, old people, Republicans, and…little else, the “Sexy Beaches” music video was probably Visit Florida’s last-ditch effort to attract self-loathing tourists with the oh-so-tantalizing offer of perhaps running into Mr. Worldwide and all the tanned, scantily-clad women grinding on him at some picturesque beach. It will take some time for us to truly gauge their success, but for the time being, the Florida state legislature is seriously pissed and wants answers.

Earlier this week, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran filed a lawsuit against the singer and his production company. Corcoran called some of the track’s charming lyrics (such as bringing “the beach to the sand” and “booty like bang, bang, bang”) “reprehensible,” while House Democrat Janet Cruz found its imagery “demeaning to women.” She told The Miami Herald, “If Pitbull wants to make those types of songs and videos, Florida taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for it.”

What followed was an almost comical controversy over just how much Visit Florida paid Pitbull to participate in the promotional video. According to The Herald, both Visit Florida and Pitbull’s attorneys refused to disclose details of their contract, calling it a “trade secret” and arguing that public disclosure of the contract and its details would constitute a felony.

However, the fear of being hit with a lawsuit seemingly struck the sort-of rapper, who took to Twitter to share three things in a single tweet: a picture of him looking awfully pensive on a beach that literally no one asked for, a statement on what an “honor” it’s been to “represent the sunshine state,” and a link to his contract with Visit Florida (which you can pore through if you have entirely too much free time). According to the contract, it looks like Visit Florida paid Pitbull about a million dollars between 2015 and 2016 for “Sexy Beaches” among other promotional work.

Whether or not “Sexy Beaches” will actually sell the state to tourists is to be seen, but if not, the state did legalize medical marijuana. And — correct me if I’m wrong — but maybe, just maybe, the promise of some good green might attract a bigger crowd than a washed up rapper. Then again, if Florida’s state legislature found dancing half-naked women obscene, I don’t see it embracing the encouragement of drug use.