You can now use Tinder on Apple TV, if that’s something you’re into

If you were wondering what to do with your family over the holidays, rest assured. Tinder is now on Apple TV, so you can swipe left and right with all of your little cousins and drunk aunts, which actually sounds pretty amusing. That way, you can finally show your grandmother, who wonders out loud why you haven’t settled down. These are my choices, grandma. 

If you have Apple TV, all you have to do is go to settings, download the app from the iTunes store, and use the remote to swipe left or right. The voice controls aren’t activated, so can’t just yell at the screen like you’re watching cable news, but one can only hope that feature will be coming soon to help make dating great again.

Naturally, the ads are pretty ridiculous. One features two women sitting on a couch, with the mom advising her daughter to only swipe on guys with full heads of voluminous locks. “He’ll look like that forever,” she says. The father then walks through the room and is self-conscious about his bald spot — har, har, Tinder.)

Tinder writes on its website, “No phones at the dinner table? No problem. Now you can spot Swipe Right potential from across the room. Need a second opinion before you Super Like? Good news: the cousins from Omaha just rolled in.” This is the world we’re living in, people.

Tinder CMO Ferrell McDonald told Adweek, “From a Friday night of swiping with your friends, to Mom ogling your next Saturday night date, we wanted to showcase the many humorous, fun situations users will find themselves in when swiping on their Apple TV.”

The company added on a blog post, “Let’s face it — the people who know you best have traditionally had a high rate of success when helping you pick a partner.” Who knows if that’s true or not, but with the dating landscape what it is these days, it’s worth a shot. The only problem is that everyone knows Tinder is not about finding a mate for life (who cares about that person’s hair in 10 years?); it’s about getting laid. Try explaining that to your extended family over dessert.

Things could also get ugly when matches start messaging you on the Apple TV app. Most of the messages in my Tinder inbox involve offers to get me naked without even pretending to want to buy me nachos first (yes, I order nachos on dates, which is probably why I’m striking out, I now realize). Swiping left and right with your family, friends, and roommates might be fun. But you might want to leave the messaging for later.

So, there you have it. Enjoy letting your weird roommate choose your next fuck buddy while you’re at work.