This woman wanted someone to kill her ex’s new girlfriend for $500 and a Juicy Couture bag

Breaking up is hard to do, and it’s even harder when you have Instagram and Facebook to keep tabs on your ex’s new life. Sometimes that involves zooming in on the pics of them with whoever it is they’re sleeping with these days and judging the hell out of them. Maybe you call them dirty names and drink too much for a few days. Jealousy is real and totally normal. Until it that jealousy gets bonkers. Police in Claremont, New Hampshire know all about out of control jealousy now that they’ve caught a woman who allegedly hired a hitman to murder her ex’s new girlfriend.

Monique Earle offered someone $500 and a Juicy Couture handbag to kidnap, rape, and then murder the woman. Court documents said Earle wanted the woman to be raped for “a few days,” in addition to locking her up and starving her before killing her. That’s pretty specific.

Earle, 20, was living in a homeless shelter at the time, and she shared a handwritten note with the list of things she wanted done with another woman in the shelter, who had just met Earle that day. “I literally want this girl dead,” she allegedly wrote. And raped and starved. The innocent bystander luckily called the Claremont Police Department and shared the plot with them. They sent an undercover cop from a drug unit to pose as the “hitman.” That’s when Earle offered the bag and cash as a down payment.

Earle was not represented by an attorney at her arraignment Nov. 30, but was urged by Fifth Circuit District Court Judge Jack Yazinski to get a public defender. Yazinski didn’t enter any pleas on her behalf.

Prosecutors will likely going to go hard based on how serious and meditated Earle’s plan was. Sullivan County Attorney Marc Hathaway said that Earle, a mother of one and pregnant with her ex’s child, said she thought the new girlfriend “ruined her life.” In a recorded interview with police, obtained by The Eagle Times, Earle said, “Wouldn’t you want somebody gone if they destroyed your family?” She said that she was “pissed” and wanted her family back. She sobbed at her arraignment and said she was “sorry.”

She was serious about it,” Hathaway told WCAX in New Hampshire. “She was given ample opportunity to take another course of action and chose not to.”

Earle has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and is facing up to 30 years in prison when her trial resumes on Dec. 19. She’s being held in jail on $100,000 bail.