There’s a new service that lets you fight against the Trump administration from your phone

It’s easy to bow your head in defeat following the election of a man whose policies will surely bring on the apocalypse. I’ve been watching TWD for seven seasons, so I think I’ll be alright. But for the rest of you earthlings, best get to doing something to defeat this white supremacist ego maniac. Thanks to writer Laura Moser, you can fight Trump by sending a text. You have to do a little bit more work after sending the text, but do you want to stop fascism or nah?

For Vogue, Moser explained exactly how it works. Text the word “DAILY” to the number 228466 (also known as A-C-T-I-O-N on your keypad). Once you enter your zip code (because the service needs to know where you live to target your action), you’ll receive one text with an issue that’s determined to be the most pressing in your area. One text will be sent Monday through Friday. You can also sign up on the website by entering your phone number and zip code.

Moser explained in Vogue:

“You might be calling to implore your senator or member of Congress to reject an unsavory appointee; you might be contacting Paul Ryan about safeguarding Medicare. We hope that, in time, we will have enough subscribers to target more local actions—getting Texans to call in about the new fetal-burial law, say, or North Carolinians to protest HB2.”

If you decide to take action on the issue texted to you (and you absolutely should want to take action, because every decision this administration makes is going to be harmful), you’ll listen to a recording that explains the issue before being routed to an elected official, where you can express your rage that a man no smarter than a fifth grader runs the country, thus ultimately affecting our local rights. Before you even think of going on and on about how busy you are, let me stop you right there. Waiting in line at Panera Bread for lunch? Make the call. Bus not on time? Make the call. In the waiting room of the doctor’s office? Just make the call.

Phoning legislators is reportedly the most effective way to collectively get elected officials to pay attention. One or two voices is not enough, though. To fight this monster, we need all hands on deck. Flood the phones. We need thousands of people to call in to express disproval or opposition to a particular bill or another white nationalist appointee. This is the greatest likelihood we have of getting our Congress members to listen to us, the people who elect them.

Not to bring up the past and all, but, err, it’s a great time to remind you lovely white ladies that you owe us. A not-so-surprising 55 percent of your sistren voted for him, while black women were doing all the legwork to stop him. I know it’s a touchy topic, beloveds. But we must be honest. We’re all in this together, unfortunately.

Anyway. This is the first time Moser “felt compelled to fight back.” Oh what a lovely bubble of privilege. Many of us haven’t had that luxury, toots. This ain’t our first time at the rodeo. So, if you’re not one of the women who’ve been fighting all their lives for basic equality, the very least you can do is text the word “DAILY” to the number 228466 to get your action item for the day. Or you can buy the Safety Pin Box subscription to get all types of education and tasks on how to be good allies, or give your money to women or pro-women’s organizations.

Doesn’t really matter to me what you do (unless it’s wearing that dumbass safety pin). Just do something. And even though I feel I should be excluded from ever having to do anything to fight injustice and America’s hatred ever again, (damn, I need my reparations so I can put my feet up on the coast of Ghana somewhere), I’m going to stand up to this troll too while I imagine the broken promise of the 40 acres and a mule I never got. Boy would that be lovely right about now.