The world just isn’t ready for a nativity scene made out of dildos

A sex shop in Spain made a nativity set out of ceramic dildos, with the faces Mary, Joseph, and little baby Jesus on them, and people are super pissed about it. The store, Non Sit Peccatum in Talavera de la Reina, is a sex shop after all, but residents are shocked that storeowner Héctor Valdivielso would do such a blasphemous thing. And to show how strong their Christian values are, they’ve taken to vandalizing his store. WWJD do, everyone? Probably not spray paint the word “sinner” on someone else’s store window. But then again, who knows?

Valdivielso said in an interview with The Local that other people have come in to the store and demanded he remove the scene. Some of them claim that they’ll “do it themselves.” A gang of protestors called the “Children of the Virgin Mary” (which actually sounds like a horror movie), stood outside his door and read sermons to people entering the store. Again, not sure if Jesus would be into harassing people. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor?

“It was affecting my business,” Valdivielso added. Uh, yeah, who wants to listen to people yelling at you about Jesus when you’re in the market for a cock ring? It sort of ruins the mood. Instead of relying on religion to get him through this terrible ordeal, Valdivielso turned to science.

He took the nativity set out of the window and put a sign up asking whether or not he should keep it up. It went to a public vote, and of the 988 responses, 78 percent of people said Valdivielso should keep it in the window. It looks like when people don’t have to beat their chests in front of others, they don’t mind the dildo scene.

“People asked me not to give in to blackmail. So it’s going back in the window,” Valdivielso told The Local. Seriously, people, keep your opinions to yourself.

I’m not ashamed to admit I kind of want this nativity set for my apartment.