Watching a guy get hit in the face with a soccer ball in slow motion is weirdly hypnotizing

I’ll never understand why grown-ass men, like the Jackass guys, do things that cause them pain for laughs. Yet, I usually find myself downright amazed by the ridiculous stunts and videos. Like this super slow motion video of a guy getting hit in the face with a ball.

The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, are insane. First, they fill up a soccer ball with water, which makes it SO MUCH heavier than just air. Then, Gruchy just gets pounded in the face with the ball. Nice and simple — they’re professionals at this, by the way. They even do a few fake tosses so that Dan gets the “flinches out of his system.” That way, his eyes are open for the whole video, which makes it all the better.

The video is kind of long, since they show viewers what it looks like at 200 times slower, which is interesting to watch. But when they crank it up (or slooooooow it down) to 1100 times slower — you can really see what goes on when you get hit in the face. You can see every crinkle, smush, and even a nose bone displace itself for a minute. It’s so stupid, but so hard to look away. The fun really starts just before the three minute mark, in case you don’t like listening to the banter beforehand, though they are fairly amusing.

The duo has done this stunt before, but the camera technology this time around is so much better than it was in 2010. The Slow Mo Guys started because they had access to a slow motion camera working in TV and film. “You can make anything look better in slow motion,” they say in their trailer. “Even the simplest stuff’s impressive.”

The camera is $150,000. Used to capture two dudes getting hit in the face with soccer balls. They do other stuff, too, like pop six-foot tall water balloons, catch an underwater bullet doing its thing, explode watermelons, and even film a hydraulic press in action.

Once you start, it’s hard to stop watching. And they’re right — everything looks cooler in slow motion. By far, though, this soccer ball to the face is the most hypnotizing, but if it doesn’t do anything special for you, the guys also take suggestions in the comments section and sometimes actually do what people suggest.

I don’t know who’s weirder — these two guys or all of us for watching them.